Simple. We want to improve our businesses, protect our investments, and increase our influence and communication with Expense Reduction Analysts® through a collective voice. We want all Expense Reduction Analysts® franchisees to support us, and help make us more viable, but we definitely want to be large enough to make a constructive difference. We have not organized out of anger, and are not looking to be adversarial. We want to build consensus and create value. We will accomplish our goals faster as more franchisees support us, but we recognize that more franchisees will support us as we prove ourselves worthy. We do not share the belief that a strong franchisee association can only grow out of a crisis, but we do believe that together we can all be much stronger. All we are looking for at this time to for you to join ERA-FOA.

We would love your help by joining the Steering Committee, but simply joining is more than enough right now.